Saturday, 12 January 2013

Last Browse..

Checking out eneloops from thomasdistributing before I finally head to bed tonight. I already felt terrible and I need my sleep. I can't wait to finish this research and browsing tonight. Luckily, we don't need to get up early tomorrow as we don't have any appointments to go. Well, I'll possibly be taking off my Christmas decors in the afternoon at our dining room. I really must do it before my son's birthday party. I have couple of weeks haha. It is becoming like back in Philippines where Christmas ornaments will only be taken off right after Valentines day. I might end up that way if I don't kick my butt to do it sooner, lol. Anyway, I better carry on my browsing before it gets too late. Nah, as if half past two is not already late, huh? Okay, I better say goodnight as I'll be off to bed right after my browsing and that would be in 2 minutes if I'm lucky ;) 

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