Saturday, 12 January 2013

Shopping for K

My girl is undoubtedly growing so fast and surely like a weed. As of the moment she is already 5'1 and hopefully she'll grow even taller this year. As her weight it is exactly the same maintaining it better and again hoping she won't put anymore. As to her clothes, she only have few that fits her, majority are too tights and too small. So, I'm slowly giving her a new range of clothing as she is no longer fit a child sizes but adults. Like when I bought her new trench coat it is my size already if not bigger. Oh well, she can hand it down to me when she outgrown it. In that way I can save a bit. Still would like to get her a new winter coat and maybe a rain proof one too. I noticed this patagonia rain jacket sale on, so I might look up for it and see if it's any better for her. It could be a general coat too and save the other one as a going out coat. I meant for special occasion.

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