Saturday, 23 February 2013

A must visit places!

 Two of our dream places to visit are Maldives and Mauritius. I actually have a friend who live near Mauritius and she told me how beautiful it is there when she visited a year ago. And oh maldives, has been one of my lists of places to visit since childhood and you can see why? By simply looking at their crystal clear beaches and as white as snow sand from the pictures or from tv adverts that surely make you drool. I know it is not possible for us to go to this places in the future and if that happens I will definitely visit this page for booking reservation and more. I've seen few reasonable family prices already and it's honestly tempting. However, I have still waiting for some important documents papers that currently on the process. When that comes, I can plan our holiday destination and start saving money. So, for now, I'll just leave myself to drool over these beautiful beaches of Mauritius and Maldives. But one thing I can assure is that, long as I live, I have all the possibility to reach to this places one day. How about you? What is your plan for the spring/summer getaway? I'll tell you if you go to any of these mention places, you wouldn't regret it and if you do please share us your experience so that we will know what to do and what to be aware when the time comes. Oh, how I love myself to be indulge by those blue water!

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