Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dining accessories..

I just ordered a perfect fit table cloth from online last week. For the first time in a 2 years that we found a table cover that is wife and long enough for our 10ft long dining table.  It's a red one and I'm pondering on ordering some more colours as well as table skirts. Oh, I can get it here for table skirts and maybe I can also look at their other stuffs maybe they are selling table cover as well. I'm looking for each occasions. So, I have red which can be useful for Christmas and Valentines and I'll add white, pink and gold? What do you think? My daughter will surely pick purple and green as it is her recent favourite colours. A red, pink, purple and blue table skirts too. Yay, more things to spend money with. In not time, I will complete my perfect house and home blings. 

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