Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Complete Mobile website and apps by Mobstac

I was truly ecstatic when I found an apps about blogging via my mobile and thought it is a damn awesome idea, whoever created it thanks a million to them. I felt like I can blog anytime anywhere without having to access my desktop or laptop. What the most amazing thing about it is that I can share my photos straight after I took it. Talking about handy stuff, mobile blogging apps are just the best. Having said that, I even found an even more interesting way of going completely mobile, it is at Mobstac. They offer a complete features of easy mobile websites and apps. Publisher can sign-up for free to start by entering their website url and few other steps to follow and then they are are good to go mobile. And what more, Mobstac support all content sites whether it is large or small, self-hosted or not from wordpress to blogger platforms apart from E-commerce but they are working on it so hopefully soon they'll be able to support it too and everyone will be happy. Alright, I am signing up myself now so I'll bid goodbye until the next time and hope to see you all at Mobstac :)

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